Relieve Elbow Pain

Relieve Elbow Pain
Relieve Elbow Pain

Non-Surgical Elbow Treatment

Chronic elbow pain is treatable without surgery. Using non-surgical PRP Therapy and Stem Cell Therapy, muscle tissue, ligaments, and tendons can be repaired increasing mobility and decreasing elbow stiffness and pain.

PRP and Stem Cell works especially well for partially torn tendon and ligaments, elbow arthritis, and elbow tendinitis (tennis/golf elbow). If you are having able pain, call (718) 835-0754 and schedule your consultation with Dr. Bieber at Cross Bay PMR now!

PRP and Stem Cell Therapy In The News

Almost every week, there is an article in the sport’s section of the newspaper discussing stem cell and prp for athletes and a celebrity baseball or basketball player getting PRP for their elbow. This is because PRP and Stem Cells actually repair the elbow. It is not a pain reliever but has the actual ability to regrow new and healthy tissue. This healing goes on for a period of months aligning with the body's natural healing process. It is also a proven and effective alternative to elbow surgery.

What is PRP and Stem Cell Therapy?

PRP Therapy harnesses the healing factors of platelets from the blood. Platelets are responsible for repairing blood vessel damage. In PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, platelets plus an additional 30 growth factors are activated and when injected into the body, signaled by the elbow to repair tissue damage. This repair directly leads to a decrease in pain and a significant improvement in the elbow's mobility.

PRP and Stem Cell Therapy are non-invasive procedures that rapidly increase the recovery period of the injury. The body has more of the organic tools it needs to heal itself. Yes, these procedures are organic! They are also low-risk, being just injections and within a few weeks, a significant improvement in pain and mobility is palpable.

Stem Cell Therapy applies the power of stem cells to elbow pain. Stem Cells are everywhere in the body and transform themselves into the types of tissue the body needs to heal itself when there is an injury. This is how the body repairs itself! When there is a trauma or injury too great, there aren’t enough stem cells to provide full tissue repair, hence the disability and pain for months on end.

This is where we come in! With a stem cell injection, Dr. Benjamin Bieber adds a new boost of stem cells taken from the patient’s fat tissue and applies it to the elbow. The stem cells then do their job to create new healthy tissue and restore old damaged tissue.

Schedule Your Consultation With Dr. Bieber Now!

Dr. Bieber is a practicing Sports Medicine physician for over 30 years and after treating tens of thousands of patients as well as star athletes, he is convinced that PRP and Stem Cell Therapies are the best orthopedic non-surgical treatments in medicine to date.

Dr. Benjamin Bieber is currently seeing patients both internationally and across the U.S. and has two locations, one in Manhattan and one in Queens, NY. If you are located outside of NY, our stem cell specialists, Dana and Sanil, will help you find appropriate hotel and flight accommodations. Call (718) 835-0754 and schedule your consultation with Dr. Bieber now!

By Benjamin Bieber

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