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  • Reduce Arthritis Pain - Stem Cell Injection

    Reduce Arthritis Pain - Stem Cell Injection

    Stem Cell Therapy and PRP Therapy provide the first ever non-surgical arthritis treatment that reverses the degenerative process of arthritis. Arthritis is a condition where cartilage degenerates causing bone-to-bone friction in the joints that is the source of one's pain, disability, and inflammation. This constant rubbing is a nuisance leaving one in constant pain and unable to do the activities that they may enjoy.

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  • PRP Hair Treatment New York

    PRP Hair Treatment New York

    Natural hair growth is accomplished by changing damaged hair follicles. As scalp cells deteriorate, they become dry and shrink. Such shrunken hair follicles can no longer grow strands of hair.

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  • Arthritis With Stem Cells

    Arthritis With Stem Cells

    The hard question for people with severe and painful arthritis is how to treat it. In most cases, there is no answer to this pain. Medicine and physical therapy may help soften the symptoms but once that cartilage is gone, does that mean that you are forever to be subjected to the pains of arthritis?

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  • Stem Cell Therapy Vs. Knee Replacement Surgery

    Stem Cell Therapy Vs. Knee Replacement Surgery

    A severe knee injury is always disastrous. One can either wait months for the knee to heal without any real results or it is often recommended by a surgeon to get knee surgery. Of course, a surgeon is going to recommend surgery because this is their job but as a non-surgical specialist, I am here to tell your there are ways to correct your knee injury non-surgically, without going under the knife, and without spending many months in painful rehabilitation.

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  • AWESOME PRP Hair Regrowth Therapy With Acell

    AWESOME PRP Hair Regrowth Therapy With Acell

    Alopecia, Male and Female Pattern Baldness, and hair thinning are all an annoying part of aging. As the body ages, so does the cells of the scalp. PRP + Acell hair treatment offers a way to replace old, dying hair follicles with new and healthy cells in order for hair follicles to grow an increasing amount of hair strands.

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