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  • PRP + ACell Hair Growth Therapy

    PRP + ACell Hair Growth Therapy

    The advancements in modern medicine make it possible to naturally grow new hair. With PRP + ACell, a form of Stem Cells, hair follicles rejuvenate and are able again to produce new hair strands. This form of Cell Therapy increase strands of hair in many hair follicles helping produce thicker hair covering more of the scalp.

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  • You Don't Need Orthopedic Surgery - Try PRP

    You Don't Need Orthopedic Surgery - Try PRP

    Many people are being told by orthopedic surgeons that they need surgery for a particular injury when either a non-surgical stem cell injection or a prp injection can work better than surgery and doesn’t have any of the risks or downsides.

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  • Treatment For Boxing Injuries

    Treatment For Boxing Injuries

    In boxing, being an impact sport, it’s athlete’s often sustain injuries, in fact most boxers sustain an injury after every match. Hopefully, the injuries aren’t bad enough to warrant surgery or months away from the sport.

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  • Relieve Elbow Pain

    Relieve Elbow Pain

    Chronic elbow pain is treatable without surgery. Using non-surgical PRP Therapy and Stem Cell Therapy, muscle tissue, ligaments, and tendons can be repaired increasing mobility and decreasing elbow stiffness and pain.

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  • Shoulder PRP and Stem Cell Injections New York

    Shoulder PRP and Stem Cell Injections New York

    Many of our patients have chronic issues with shoulder arthritis, dislocations and their rotator cuffs, particularly baseball players. It is possible through stem cells and PRP to repair this muscle tissue damage that is the basic cause of one's pain and immobility.

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