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  • Stem Cell Therapy For ALL Knee Injuries

    Stem Cell Therapy is the most effective non surgical treatment to potentially avoid surgery altogether. Patients are demonstrating that, through Stem Cell Therapy, their injuries are healing and they can get back to normal activity without surgery.

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  • Hair Restoration With PRP For Women

    Hair Restoration Therapy is now extremely popular with women because it offers the chance to end hair thinning. Before Hair Restoration, either surgery or medications like Rogaine were used, which does not fix the core problem but only moves hair around or revitalizes hair follices for the short term.

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  • Nadal Out Of The 2014 US Open With A Wrist Injury

    The 2014 U.S. Open has commenced today and I look forward to watching as many matches as possible. Unfortunately, one of my favorite players to watch Rafael Nadal, last year’s reigning champion, has pulled out of the tournament with a wrist injury.

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  • Stem Cell Therapy: The Best Treatment To Avoid Surgery and Alleviate Pain

    Stem Cell Therapy is perhaps one of the most effective and safe procedures in modern medicine to prevent people from getting surgery. Using non-controversial adult stem cells, physicians are able to regenerate and repair damaged tissue, which effectively treats and heals the injury

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  • Success With PRP Therapy and UCL elbow Tear

    Success With PRP Therapy and UCL elbow Tear

    Mashiro Tanaka is a star pitcher on the New York Yankees who recently sustained a partially torn UCL. He decided to give PRP therapy a chance with hopes that he would not have to undergo surgery.

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  • A Way To Avoid Surgery With Stem Cell Therapy

    Have you ever wondered if there was a viable alternative to surgery? This way you could get treated and not have to go under the knife, not have to endure the recovery period, and not have to endure painful rehabilitation.

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  • Bio Facials: Regenerate Facial Tissue and End Aging Symptoms

    All of us as we age show signs of aging in our faces and a common procedure to hide the signs and symptoms of aging is plastic surgery. Surgery is painful and expensive so researchers have been developing ways without surgery to have similar effects in order to reduce wrinkles and tighten the skin.

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  • Hair Restoration For Alopecia

    Hair Restoration Treatment is a non-surgical option for hair growth. Hair Restoration is part of the Regenerative Medicine movement that harnesses the body’s own growth factors and organic processes to re-stimulate damaged hair follicles. The secret has to do with Stem Cell Therapy.

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  • Athletes Use PRP Therapy To Heal Elbow Injuries Over Surgery

    Athletes Use PRP Therapy To Heal Elbow Injuries Over Surgery

    The New York Yankee pitcher Masahiro Tanaka will be out for at least six weeks with a partially torn ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) in his pitching elbow but will avoid season ending surgery. How? Athletes, particularly baseball players with elbow injuries, are more and more seeing the benefits of Regenerative Medicine to heal injury quickly and prevent surgery. These are the types of treatments we offer at Cross Bay PMR.

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  • Golf Elbow and Tennis Elbow Treatments

    The 2014 French Open has been absolutely thrilling. It has had all the making of a fantastic Grand Slam with upsets, stunning fiver setters, and watching some of the best in the world play. Players like Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams, Novac Djokovic, David Ferrer, Maria Sharapova all have fought hard. Congratulations to Rafael Nadal in his record breaking 9th French Open win, he is now the official King of Clay!

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