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  • PRP Injection For Athletes in New York

    Every year, thousands of athletes undergo surgery for an injury they received while playing a sport. In many cases, invasive surgery can be avoided. This article discusses the most effective types of Cell Therapy used as non-surgical approaches to treat complex injuries. Dr. Benjamin Bieber applies a simple injection technique with Stem Cells or PRP to heal complex injuries and muscles tears non-surgically

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  • Knee Treatment With Stem Cells + PRP in New York

    The knee is one of the most common areas of injury to not only sustain partial muscle and ligaments tears but to also require surgery as treatment. Dr. Benjamin Bieber applies non-surgical Regenerative Medicine using both Stem Cell and PRP Therapy to help his patients escape surgery

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    Hair loss is a significant problem as we get older. It can cause an extreme amount of self-consciousness as hair starts falling out and bald stops begin to appear. Dr. Benjamin Bieber helps patients naturally produce hair restoration by rejuvenating hair follicles. Hair loss and alopecia occur partly because hair follicles can no longer produce hair.

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  • Arthritis Treatment in New York

    Arthritis Treatment in New York

    Getting rid of arthritis pain may seem like a pipe dream but new advances in Stem Cell medicine have a high success rate to reverse the degenerative condition of arthritis.

    Arthritis pain occurs as a bone-to-bone friction create inflammation and friction in one’s joint. The deterioration of cartilage, which acts as a shock absorber to bone-to-bone friction, is the cause of this pain. Dr. Benjamin Bieber applies non-surgical Stem Cell Therapy to add healthy cartilage to the damaged joint

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  • Stem Cell Injection - Knee NY

    Stem Cell Injection - Knee NY

    Stem Cell Therapy is a viable, safe, and effective alternative to complex and risky knee surgery. Many patients are able to completely avoid the risks of knee replacement surgery because Stem Cell Therapy can repair damaged and torn tissue in the knee.

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